The preparations for a wedding are countless by definition and require much effort. That's why we decided to provide a short guide to the main steps to follow for a perfect and balanced organization, in order to pay proper attention to every detail.


STEP 1: Decide on the date and the theme

The first step is to set a date and a time for the special day, depending on the season, your availability or personal tastes. Venice is ready to welcome you all year, to open up for you its enchanting beauty and accompany you through its eternal splendors.
To make the ceremony special and unique it is useful to establish a color, a theme, a flower or any detail to serve as a leitmotif for the entire event.


STEP 2: Choose the Location

Venice is a great place to celebrate a wedding, since it is full of magical and romantic locations. You can choose among Churches and Ancient Palazzos, Basilicas, Hotels and restaurants in the classic Venetian style, lagoon islands, cloisters and ancient abbeys.


STEP 3: Prepare the Documents

Depending on your religion or your preferences, you should determine the type of wedding: Catholic, religious, Protestant, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Anglican or symbolic. Depending on your choice, we will help you to fill in and submit all the documents that are required to perform the ceremony.


STEP 4: Determine the location of the Reception and the Menu

The reception is an important moment of your special day. Therefore we will assist you in the choice of the perfect place to have it, be it a luxury Venetian restaurant, a villa or a historic home, in establishing an appropriate menu which meets your tastes, and in providing an excellent catering for your event.


STEP 5: Choose the perfect Cake

Our most trustworthy confectioners are ready to satisfy all your tastes, from the more delicate to the more peculiar, to make the wedding cake of your dreams.


STEP 6: Choose the Dresses and Wedding Rings

For your wedding it will be useful to choose the dress well in advance and, if necessary, have a tailor adjust it to perfectly fit it to your body. We can offer you professional tailors and experts in the choice of outfits and accessories, hairdressers and skillful make-up artists to make you shine in all your beauty.
And to seal your love, our most faithful jewelers are ready to advise you on the most appropriate choice of wedding rings.


STEP 7: Selection of the Guests, Invitations and Favors

One thing not to forget is determining the number of guests, the prospective witnesses and bridesmaids, any pageboys or carers and their role in the ceremony. When all these decisions are made, it will be time to envelope and send the invitations, establish a wedding checklist, deal with the favors and special gifts for the witnesses.


STEP 8: Flowers and Wedding Decorations

The floral decorations are extremely important to create a romantic atmosphere during the whole wedding day. To this end, our florists will assist you in the composition of the bouquets and boutonnieres, the church decorations, restaurant tables as well as the wedding cake, and for any further request.


STEP 9: Entertainment and Party

A ceremony will not be unique and unforgettable without the proper choice of details, like the soundtrack and entertainment for guests. You can opt for an orchestra, an organ, a DJ, a private party, children's entertainment and all that most tickles your fancy!
Do not forget to capture every single moment of your special day and so to hire skilled photographers and video reporters for the creation of your personal wedding album.


STEP 10: Honeymoon

The honeymoon is considered one of the milestones of this magical union and that is why it needs to be planned at its best, thanks to the help of our tour operators, to pick your ideal destination and list in detail all that you have always wanted to do and discover together. 


Planning your wedding and taking care of all the details will definitely be easier and more exciting with our help, and you will enjoy all the excitement and fun of this wonderful day together!


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